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The best SEO optimization tips are more than just a bunch of tricks to make your website look awesome, or even better than other sites competing against you. The most important thing is that they work -- for both human visitors and Google's spiders. If you want to rank well, you have to think about what people actually care about... not how cool it looks when you've optimized your pages.

To put it another way: if you're only optimizing because it seems like "the right thing" to do, then you should probably stop reading this article now, go back to whatever you were doing before I started writing, and never come back here again. You don't need my help.  SEO isn't rocket science; there aren't any secrets. It really comes down to three things: write for humans first, build relevant links, focus on user experience.

That said, let me share with you some great ideas I came up with after years of trial-and-error and experimentation. They might seem obvious once explained, but until we talk about them together, many webmasters still haven't learned these basic principles.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 best SEO optimization tips ever created by man!

1. Write for humans first and search engines second.

This one's pretty simple: write naturally for readers. Don't try too hard to stuff keywords into every sentence or at least use them sparingly. Your goal is to create good readable copy that makes sense to anyone who reads it. And remember that while keyword density matters, so does relevancy. Make sure your keywords appear where they'd be used naturally by real users.

2. Use targeted keywords in all the right places.

Don't forget to place your keywords strategically throughout your page. For example, if you sell widgets, make sure those words show up often near product images as long as they add value to the description. Also, consider using synonyms whenever possible. This will increase their effectiveness dramatically.

3. Focus on user experience (UX).

Make sure you design your website such that it doesn't feel like an ad. That means everything from making navigation easy to follow to minimizing distractions everywhere else. Avoid excessive graphics, sidebars, ads, popups, etc. Keep everything clean and uncluttered. Most importantly, keep the main call to action clearly visible.

4. Build relevant links.

Links can be either internal or external. External links are typically related to topics covered on your own domain, whereas internal links point within sections of your website. When linking internally, always link to something valuable and relevant rather than simply pointing out features of your competitors' websites. Search engine bots love incoming links from high quality domains. So, find ways to get high PR (page ranking) links that would benefit your rankings.

5. Find authoritative directories and forums.

There are tons of free resources online that list thousands of articles categorized under specific subjects. These are called directory listings, and the higher ranked ones tend to perform much better than others. One trick to improve rankings is to submit to multiple categories and subcategories instead of submitting to just one category per niche. Another tip is to include anchor text tags next to each URL submission -- this tells search engines exactly what the page contains. Just type in "[your topic] forum" followed by ".org," ".edu," ".gov," and ".net." Then paste your web address. In short, pay attention to the kind of traffic you'll end up attracting through your submissions.

6. Get listed in social media directories.

If your business has any sort of public image, chances are that someone somewhere already posted photos, videos, testimonials, comments, reviews, press releases, blog posts, etc., featuring your products or services. Social media directories collect information submitted by members. Listing in these directories helps establish credibility and authority over time.

7. Promote yourself via Twitter and Facebook.

Many businesses today rely heavily on social networking platforms for marketing purposes. But unlike traditional advertising methods which usually cost hundreds or even tens of thousands of dollars per campaign, social networks offer low start-up costs and unlimited reach potential. Try creating informative status updates filled with useful details about your industry, products, promotions and discounts. Post regularly in order to stay active. Be careful not to spam though. Remember, no two companies are alike, so avoid copying others' exact strategies. Instead, develop unique tactics for generating leads and sales.

8. Create viral buzz around your brand.

Viral campaigns generate massive amounts of publicity and interest among consumers. Viral buzz is contagious, meaning word travels fast across cyberspace thanks to e-mail or mobile phone messages. To maximize exposure, choose hot trending topics and trends, and target your message accordingly. Here are some examples of successful viral marketing campaigns: 1. "MySpace Yellow Pages"; 2. "Etsy Totes"; 3. "Weegy Meals".

9. Develop a catchy tagline/slogan.

A memorable slogan speaks volumes about your company and its values. A powerful phrase can attract customers as easily as a billboard advert. An effective slogan also works wonders in branding your products, services and overall corporate identity. Once you settle upon a final version, stick with it forever.

10. Start blogging.

Blogs are extremely popular nowadays, and almost everyone knows somebody who writes blogs. Blogging allows you to express your thoughts freely. As long as your entries contain helpful information that solves problems, you won't run afoul of the rules. Plus, having a blog gives you instant credibility since people know you personally. All you need is a personal style and voice and you're ready to rock 'n roll. There are lots of free tools available online that allow you to set up your very own blog instantly.

11. Utilize video marketing.

Video recording technology continues to evolve rapidly. Today, there are dozens of different devices capable of capturing moving pictures and sound. Video recordings are becoming increasingly easier and cheaper to produce. Uploaded onto YouTube or Vimeo, they can draw millions of viewers worldwide overnight. While uploading files may require technical expertise, editing and producing them takes little effort and minimal money. Take advantage of this trend by adding a few informational clips to your homepage and promotional materials. Not convinced? Check out our collection of creative video marketing ideas.

12. Leverage RSS feeds.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Using RSS feed software, you can automatically receive new additions to selected folders on your computer. Popular applications include iTunes and FeedDemon. Whenever your favorite news source publishes a story, the application alerts you immediately. By subscribing, you can read stories later regardless of whether you happen to be online at the moment. RSS is particularly convenient for busy professionals who spend hours away from home office computers during the day. With RSS, you can check headlines anytime, anywhere.

13. Register your website(s).

Registering your domain name with a leading service provider like GoDaddy or NameCheap ensures maximum availability and reliability. Having a registered trademark increases your odds of being found online, especially on local versions of major search engines.

14. Secure hosting.

Hosting refers to renting space on server machines located in data centers. Without proper security measures in place, hackers could steal confidential information stored on your servers. A secure host protects customer information by encrypting sensitive data using SSL certificates and firewalls.

15. Install malware protection.

Malware includes viruses, worms, spybots and Trojan horses, which can damage your PC or network connection. Malware programs send unwanted emails containing harmful attachments or URLs, which download malicious code onto your system. Some common types of maleware include key loggers, browser hijackers, root kits, Trojans, ransomware, botnets, spyware, phishing attacks, and dialers. Download safe antivirus programs from reputable vendors like McAfee, Norton, AVG, Avast, Panda, Kaspersky Lab, Microsoft Security Essentials, ESET NOD32, BitDefender Internet Security, Trend Micro HouseCall 2012, Symantec Norton 360 Free Edition, PCTools Antivirus Lite, ClamAV, Webroot Spy Sweeper Pro, CISA Cyber Defense 2010, Comodo Time Server, F-Secure Online Virus Scanner, Lavasoft Ad-Aware 6 Premium, Sophos Anti-Viruses Live AV, Windows Defender, ZoneAlarm Firewall Personal, and BullGuard Mobile Security.

16. Invest in professional SEO consulting.

Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, involves improving the visibility of your website on organic searches results. Many small businesses believe that hiring an agency specializing in SEO is costly and unnecessary. However, investing in professional SEO consulting is beneficial in several ways. First, experts provide guidance on selecting appropriate keywords, designing landing pages, developing content, planning strategic marketing initiatives, conducting research studies, managing ongoing projects, analyzing reports and providing suggestions on future growth prospects. Second, consultants take charge of various aspects of SEO, including researching competitive markets, evaluating current market performance, drafting white papers, newsletters, press releases, case studies, annual reports, FAQs, blogs, and advertisements. Third, experienced practitioners understand digital marketing technologies and techniques better than amateurs. Finally, hiring a consultant saves time, energy and money.

17. Analyze your analytics.

Understanding the behavior of your audience is essential to boosting conversions and profits. Analytics solutions enable you to track visitor activity, measure conversion rates


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